The Corporate Benefits Group is dedicated to providing you the benefit programs you want most for your people. At the same time we appreciate the significant expense involved. We create solutions that deliver immediate value and support the long-term financial health of your company.

As an entrepreneurial company, The Corporate Benefits Group understands that needs change quickly as businesses evolve. We understand cash flow and resource allocation. We strive to provide innovative ideas and tailored solutions that best achieve your goals in a fiscally responsible manner.


“To give our clients exactly what they want in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.”


The Corporate Benefits Group

BLUE STANDARD goes well beyond basic brokerage and includes the services and assistance that our clients told us they wanted and needed. We create and customize to satisfy your specific requirements.


CBG Strategic Partners

Employs a series of Strategic Partnerships providing coordinated access to proven expert resources in related fields to further maximize the employee benefit experience.



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