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The Corporate Benefits Group functions as an extension of your management team. We spend the necessary time to truly understand your business, your people and your goals. Then we combine our experience, expertise and extensive resources to craft the right plan for your unique situation, always at the appropriate cost.

The Corporate Benefits Group adheres to a comprehensive analytical process to ensure we thoroughly assess and understand all benefit needs.

  1. Understanding
    We invest time to learn about your business, your people and what you want to accomplish 
  2. Analysis
    Perform detailed cost/benefit analysis for current and alternative plans
  3. Recommendations
    Determine which strategy makes most sense for you
  4. Implementation
    Manage the enrollment process and the carrier relationship
  5. Educate/Communicate
    Information and advocacy resource for employees and management
  6. Administrative Services
    COBRA and HIPAA compliance
  7. Review and Adjust
    Monitor performance and refine plans to maintain alignment with company goals


How we do it



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